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FBA air freight

FBA air freight

2. FBA air service
Air freight is more than 100 flights per week, Monday ~ Saturday 12 noon deadline for ordering, 6 p.m. on the same day. It will take about a week to arrive at the Amazon warehouse in the UK from the cut-off date, and we will provide timely feedback and assist in dealing with the problem.
If the cargo volume reaches 500kg or more, the flight can be arranged separately.

Precautions 1. Each product is labeled with Amazon FBA barcode, and each outer box is pasted with FBA barcode;
2. Provide packing list and commercial invoice;
3. Customs declaration documents shall be provided with the goods that need to be used for general trade declaration;

1. Dangerous goods: due to the physical and chemical properties of the goods, they will pose a threat to the personal safety of the transportation during transportation. Such as acidic substances, biochemical products, toxic substances, narcotics, fertilizers, gasoline, liquids, paints, radioactive biomass, etc.
2. Items with high transportation risks: the physical and chemical properties of the goods themselves do not pose any threat to the personal safety of the transporter, but due to the way of express transportation, the goods themselves will be dangerous, such as loss, damage, and major losses to the principal or the carrier, such as blank invoices, cash, valuables, jewelry, stamps, stocks and securities, etc.
3. Items prohibited by state order: pornographic materials, weapons, etc.
4. Imitation and infringing products.
5. Items that are prohibited/restricted by air transportation.

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