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FBA shipping

FBA shipping

    1. The process of US and international FBA shipping bulk cargo to the door 1. Consult and confirm the price
of FBA shipping bulk cargo to the door 2. Book an international shipping position
After accepting the entrustment, it will be based on the situation of the goods, the delivery time, and the requirements of
the client. Confirm the appropriate shipping schedule and book the shipping company at the first time, and give feedback to the guests in time.
3. Container loading/ return After booking the space, arrange the trailer to pick up the container at the container terminal, and load the container at the place designated by the client, and arrange the return
of the goods to the terminal after the loading of the goods is completed and the seal is affixed.
4. General trade export declaration After the container is returned to the international shipping terminal, arrange the export declaration
of the goods, follow up the progress of the customs declaration of the goods, and communicate and coordinate with the client in a timely manner.
5. Make an international shipping bill
After the ship is sailed, a payment notice and invoice will be issued to the client, and the client will be notified of the estimated arrival time.
6. Deliver the international bill of lading
The client arranges the payment, and the ship will arrange customs clearance and delivery to the FBA warehouse as soon as the ship arrives at the port.

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