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Where to start with the digital transformation of international logistics?

The new coronavirus is menacing, temporary order changes, fluctuations in international logistics capacity, cross-border communication and other problems have brought severe challenges to international logistics, cross-border e-commerce and other related industries. Some experts predict that starting from smart logistics will detonate a major change in global logistics. China's strong digital capabilities will become a first-mover advantage for freight forwarders and cross-border e-commerce companies to break through in the face of adversity.

China is the world's largest manufacturing country, but also the world's largest foreign trade country, how to establish an efficient international logistics system in China?

China lacks the overall right to speak in the entire international logistics service. It should be said that China's product exports cover more than 200 countries around the world, but at present, no Chinese logistics company has global accessibility. First of all, logistics is a large-scale business, and early Western companies have monopolized such a very large first-mover and large-scale service advantage.

Second, China must be deeply involved in the formulation of rules including international railways, aviation, shipping, highways, postal services, and express delivery, and improve China's voice in the entire global transportation and postal express delivery in order to ensure the security of China's overall logistics links and supply chains.

What are our advantages now? It's clear, technology. AI, 5G, Internet, mobile communications, RFID, our AWS, gives us a very powerful cloud service platform, including the entire AI-driven cloud service platform, including the entire very complete ecosystem that exists in China, and we can participate in the tide of global connectivity together with traditional multinational enterprises. This should be said to be a cross-border e-commerce logistics integration and collaborative integration service, and what everyone has seen so far in the whole vigorous development is a very good confirmation.

How can China build an efficient international logistics system? Collaboration, embracing technology, embracing ecology, this thing should have the strongest ecology in China, with very diligent Chinese people and all walks of life, including our four connections and one access, our early Alibaba success benefited from such a very fragmented ability.


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