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What is Amazon FBA Air Freight?

Air freight refers to the transportation of goods to the destination country through Amazon's shipping channels. Here's a detailed introduction.

First of all, FBA air freight is an air freight method under the first period of Amazon FBA.
What are its advantages?
Advantages: The price is moderate, the timeliness is good, and you can enjoy the many benefits of Amazon store ranking.
FBA Air Transport Operation Process
1, Power of Attorney After the shipper and the freight company confirm the transportation price and service conditions, the freight company will give the shipper a blank "consignment of
goods", and the shipper fills in the consignment letter truthfully, faxes or returns. Freight forwarder.
The consignment shall include the following content fields: shipper, consignee, departure airport, destination airport, required route/application, transportation declared value, customs declared value, insurance amount, treatment, documents attached by the shipper, actual gross weight, freight category, chargeable weight, rate, product name and quantity, shipper's signature, date, etc
. 2, commodity inspection
The shipping company will check the contents of the power of attorney submitted, check that the information is complete, whether the goods are to be inspected, and assist in the processing of the goods that need to be inspected.
3. Booking
According to the shipper's "Power of Attorney", the freight company collects and fills in the booking form from the airline charge management department and provides the corresponding information; the name, volume, weight, number of pieces, destination of the goods; The time it takes to ship.
Airlines arrange cabins and flights according to the actual situation. After booking, the airline will issue a cabin confirmation (manifest) and at the same time provide a voucher to the loading container indicating that the class has been booked.
4. Receipt
A: The shipper delivers the goods by himself: The freight forwarder should fax the goods to the shipper on the warehouse map, indicating the contact person, phone number, delivery address, time, etc., so as to enter the warehouse in a timely and accurate manner.
5. Freight forwarder pick-up: The shipper needs to provide the freight forwarder with a specific receiving address, contact person, phone number, time and other relevant information to ensure that the goods are delivered to the warehouse in time.
6. The goods enter the airport


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