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What are the requirements for document declaration?

Only the company/factory with the right to export must present a complete set of customs declaration documents to the freight forwarding company/customs declaration company. China encourages exports, and carries out export tax rebates for companies with export rights, therefore, companies with export declarations are mainly able to apply for export tax rebates, and the actual refund lies in the new national policy of matching the goods.

Paying for customs declaration refers to the fact that the company that does not have the right to export relies on other people's documents to carry out export declaration, so it does not need to show documents to pay for customs declaration, and does not have the right to control export tax rebates.

CIF must present:

product name of the goods / container type / total number / net weight / loading detailed address / port of shipment / payment or documents, there is also an air waybill DDU/DDP must be based on the actual provisions of the customer, in the CIF information basically, it is very likely that the amount must be presented / specific address of the arrival station / Recipient information, etc.

When the freight forwarding company receives the above information, it will give the sender (customer) the price to determine the price and then receive the order, generally the customer must present: waybill / show the manifest to the customer to fill in the information and the customer to confirm the accuracy (including the waybill information / voyage, etc.).


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