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What do you need to pay attention to in international shipping logistics?

Driven by economic globalization, the rapid development of the Internet economy has led to the continuous improvement of all walks of life, and the requirements for the transportation of various goods are getting higher and higher, and global trade is becoming more and more ordinary.

1. The goods transported must comply with the relevant transportation safety requirements of the customs, and must not violate the relevant provisions of the national maritime goods, including (flammable, explosive, corrosive, liquid, paste, powder, food, munitions, medicines and articles that cannot be delivered).

2. When the carrier receives the shipper's express, it shall provide a special waybill free of charge.

3. The joint and several liability caused by the loss, damage and delay of the express mail and all the consequences such as customs detention, destruction and return caused by the inability of the recipient to clear the customs at the destination need to be considered by yourself.

4. The Carrier shall not be liable for any situation that occurs when the Shipper's goods are not within the scope of the Carrier's services or after the Customer signs for receipt. In the event of an accident such as a delay in the shipper's goods within the carrier's service range, the delay caused by the carrier's staff not picking up the goods in time or the operation error but not explaining and confirming with the shipper, and the carrier's failure to timely feedback the abnormal information of the express mail to the shipper during the transportation of the goods; It does not include the goods due to flight drop-off, customs inspection delay at the time of export, the time of customs clearance at the destination and force majeure factors such as war or natural disasters), cargo damage, cargo difference, moisture, loss, etc., if the goods are insured, the insurance company will compensate; The goods are not insured.


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