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Analysis of the development and trend of the air logistics industry

Air freight is an important part of modern logistics, air freight is an indispensable way to transport valuables, fresh goods and precision instruments in international trade, which can provide safe, fast, convenient and high-quality services. Air freight mainly adopts the form of centralized consignment, or directly entrusted by the consignor to the air freight forwarder, and then the goods arrive at the destination and then transfer the goods to the consignee through the relationship of the air freight forwarder at the place of departure. In addition to the air transport enterprises involved in the business, it is also necessary to rely on the assistance of air freight forwarders. Most of the air cargo operators are multinational corporations, which have established a global network in the form of sole proprietorships or joint ventures around the world.

Compared with other freight modes, air logistics has the characteristics of fast transportation speed, large space span, safe and accurate transportation, and is not restricted by the ground, and is suitable for transporting high value-added goods such as small goods, fresh goods, seasonal goods and valuable goods.

Since the means of transport used in air logistics is airplanes, the transportation speed of airplanes is much faster than other means of transportation, and it is currently one of the fastest modes of transportation in the world. This feature of air logistics is suitable for the needs of some special goods, such as seafood, live animals and other fresh and perishable goods, due to the nature of the goods themselves, this type of goods has higher requirements for time, can only be transported by air; Low breakage rate and good safety: The operation process of air logistics is very strict, and the damage is greatly reduced, and the probability of damage in the air after the cargo is loaded onto the aircraft is very low. Therefore, compared with other modes of transportation, air logistics cargo has a low breakage rate and good safety.

The overall market overview of China's air logistics industry

The development of China's air logistics industry has gone through three stages. The first stage is the development process led by the "professional division of labor", which starts with the reorganization of the three major aviation groups of China Eastern Airlines Group, AVIC Group and China Southern Airlines Group in 2002.

The second stage is the acceleration of the competition between air express and air freight in 2007, air freight to air express in line, the implementation of the strategic development stage of "express integration", which is mainly characterized by the refinement of air freight management, focusing on the service timeliness and the extension of the service chain of the integration of ground and air resources.

The third stage starts from 2012, when cross-border e-commerce began to develop, and begins to focus on key success factors such as user experience retailing, timeliness standardization and competitiveness, facilitation and trade facilitation。 According to the data of Shanghai Customs, the main export commodities of the Customs in recent years include mechanical and electrical products (electrical and electronic products, instruments and meters, etc.), high-tech products (electronic technology products, life science and technology products, etc.) and agricultural products (meat, aquatic products, etc.). This stage takes "vertical integration" as the key feature, requiring traditional air logistics service providers to accelerate their transformation, from focusing on business flow and logistics management to focusing on the importance of capital flow and information flow, and turning to the direction of "fast supply, chain integration and specialization".


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