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Must know the process of export declaration

Determine the shipping schedule for imports and wait for the ship to arrive. Start the import operation.

First, the first is to provide the arrival notice, the original bill of lading or the telex release letter of guarantee in exchange for the bill Second, the goods will be delivered to the
customs supervision warehouse

3. Prepare the documents required for import declaration:

1. Necessary documents: list, invoice, contract in duplicate, customs declaration, inspection power of attorney.
2. For goods imported from the European Union, the United States, South Korea and Japan, heat treatment certificate or plant quarantine certificate shall be provided if the box is made of wood, and no wooden package shall be provided if it is not wooden.
3. The documents specified in the tariff (such as import licenses, mechanical and electrical certificates, and certificates of important industrial products) 4. If there is a tax reduction and exemption manual, a tax reduction and exemption certificate manual shall be provided.
4. After the import declaration, if the customs needs to review the price, the customer needs to provide the relevant price certificate. Such as letter of credit, original insurance policy, original invoice, tender and other documents required by the customs.
5. After the customs prints the tax bill, the customer needs to pay the tax within 7 working days. If the time limit is exceeded, the customs will levy a late fee on a daily basis.
6. After customs clearance, inspection and release, you can pick up the goods and go home (warehouse). In addition: The goods must be declared to the customs within 14 days after arrival. If the deadline is exceeded, the customs will levy a late declaration fee (according to 5/10,000 of the value of the goods) on a daily basis for more than three months, and the customs will sell the goods as ownerless!

7. After paying the tax, the goods can be picked up and released.

Export Declaration:

First, first of all, book the cabin with the shipping company.
2. Documents required for export declaration:
1. After the goods arrive at the customs supervision area, 24 hours before the loading of the goods, prepare the documents required by the customs and declare to the customs.
2. Necessary documents: a list, invoice, contract, verification form, customs declaration power of attorney, shipping company loading list and other documents.
3. Documents prescribed by customs tariffs. (e.g. customs clearance, export license, etc.).

4. There is an export manual to provide a manual for customs declaration.

3. Documents required for export inspection:
1. The required documents should be prepared three days before the date of customs declaration and declared to the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. The documents provided are: a list of invoices, contracts, power of attorney for inspection, factory inspection sheets, carton packing lists and other documents.
2. If the export goods to the United States, Australia, Canada, the European Union and other outer packaging are wooden and need to be fumigated or heat treated, the documents to be provided are: lists, invoices, contracts, and power of attorney for inspection. If the fumigation product is a wood product, a factory inspection form is also required.

3. For fumigation or heat treatment products, the goods should be transported to the designated yard or port area for fumigation two days before customs declaration. (Fumigation time takes 24 hours)

Fourth, the export declaration is formally declared to the customs. If the export is subject to tax and fee payment, the tax shall be paid in time.
5. The customs on-site document review is completed. After the release of the cargo documents, the owner of the goods shall transport the goods to the customs supervision area for inspection and release within the time specified by the customs. If it is necessary to inspect, the customs broker should contact the customs in time to inspect the goods, and after the inspection, the seal shall be designated according to the shipping company. If there is no need to inspect, the physical goods should be released in time, and the loading list should be sent to the port area for loading according to the cut-off time.

6. To be exported, the shipping company will transmit the export manifest data to the customs, and the customs will receive the data after the customs declarer will print the tax refund verification copy in time after the customs data is cleared.

What information
is required for export declaration Export declaration refers to the consignor (or its agent) to declare the details of the export goods to the customs, and the customs will review them, release them after passing them, and approve the export.
1. Export declaration enterprises shall have the registration and filing with the local customs and inspection and quarantine bureaus, and have the right to operate import and export and apply for inspection.
2. Documents required for export declaration:
1. The customer shall prepare the documents required by the customs to declare to the customs 24 hours before the goods arrive at the customs supervision area and load.
2. Necessary documents: one copy of the list, one invoice, one contract, one copy of the power of attorney for customs declaration, one copy of the shipping company's loading list and other documents.
3. Documents prescribed by customs tariffs. (e.g. customs clearance, export license, etc.).

4. There is an export manual to provide a manual for customs declaration.

What is the process of an export agency?

Import and export agency company is to provide professional, safe and rapid full-process foreign trade comprehensive services for import and export trade, exports can be done within three working days of air transport, five working days of sea clearance and shipment; Real-time foreign exchange settlement of export receipts, which will arrive on the same day; Collect all the information and pay the export tax refund within 3 days.

The business scope includes general trade agency, real-time and exhibition sample agent, export processing zone and export bonded zone business, imported (incoming) production and export and other related trade, which can achieve fast customs clearance, professional collection of foreign exchange, export tax rebate agency, how to save costs and increase income, all business processes are simple and fast.

General process of export agency

1. Prepare for the action, the exporter is ready to produce and stock up after receiving the order, and then it is to find a reliable export agent, who needs to come to the door to reach an export agency agreement, and at this time it is necessary to provide the export agent with information such as the type, quantity, unit price and foreign country of the export product.
2. Sign an export agency agreement, each export unit needs to sign a relevant agency agreement when entrusting a service enterprise to act as an agent for export, and the export agent will calculate the relevant export agency fees for you according to the product information and transportation mode you provide, and indicate the responsibilities and rights of both parties on the contract agreement, as well as information such as export agency fees.
3. Cargo transportation, according to the customs regulations have export needs of the unit to provide the export agent with a formal export declaration power of attorney, the export agent to assist the enterprise to collect the goods declaration, trade contract, consignment note, invoice and other documents, export customs clearance according to your choice to confirm the international mode of transport and handle international freight insurance and other matters.

4, the back of the process, the collection of foreign exchange payment by the agency company, to save you trouble, in the case of the completion of the export and the collection of information will be within 3 working days for you to pay the tax refund, and finally settle the invoice, according to the actual reimbursement of the charge more or less to make up.

Import agency process

1. The specific process is actually similar to the export agency process, first of all, it is to sign an import procurement contract with foreign businessmen, confirm the imported goods, customer documents, confirm the tax rate according to the customs tariff, confirm the required inspection according to the regulatory rules, and declare the inspection before the import declaration.
2. The import agency agreement is signed, the process is roughly the same as the export, the two parties sign the import agency agreement, and the agent evaluates the export agency fee standard according to the imported commodity information, and confirms the relevant responsibilities and rights of import.
3. To pay for foreign exchange, the exporter shall pay the progress payment according to the export agency agreement, and the export agent shall handle the invoices, tax exemption forms and other relevant documents on behalf of the export agent, and deliver the goods after paying the foreign exchange to the foreign businessman through the account of the import agency company.
4. Import customs declaration agent, transportation, agent for foreign delivery, and ensure transportation safety through freight insurance; In the domestic inspection and customs declaration, and through the international cargo transportation directly to your door. The last is the foreign exchange verification, which is reimbursed and reimbursed.


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